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Vol.(1), No.(1), Year(2012)
   This report is either the proceedings of the academic meeting which the Symbio Community Forum had conducted, or the academic report writtenby or introduced by member(s) of Symbio Community Forum, for the which the president of Symbio Community Forum admitted to publish as it contains socially useful information from the purpose of the Forum's activity.
Title: シンビオ国際ワークショップ2012
Time: September 3, 2012
Place: Shiran-Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan
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Risk Monitoring by Multilevel Flow Models for Nuclear Power Plant
Authors: Ming YANG 氏
College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University
Summary: Good economy is a driving force for the long term and sustainable development of nuclear power. By developing advanced online risk monitoring technologies the nuclear power plant can be always operated in an acceptable state with the risk being knowable, controllable and as low as possible, which...
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Modeling operating modes for the MONJU nuclear power plant
Authors: Morten LIND 氏
Technical University of Denmark
Summary: The specification of supervision and control tasks in complex processes requires definition of plant states on various levels of abstraction related to plant operation in start-up, normal operation and shut-down. Modes of plant operation are often specified in relation to a plant decomposition...
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Installation of GO-FLOW into the risk monitor being developed at Harbin Engineering University
Authors: Takeshi Matsuoka 氏
Utsunomiya University
Summary: A new method of risk monitor system of a nuclear power plant has been proposed by Harbin Engineering University. The Risk Monitor provides a system stability overview and details about events that impact reliability. It calculates the stability index which shows the system stability chart over...
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Study for Modeling of Control and Condition Monitoring Integrated System for Nuclear Power Plant
Authors: Zhi CHEN 氏
Nuclear Power Institute of China,Chengdu, China
Summary: The relationship between the control system of the nuclear power plant (NPP) and the condition monitoring system which providing support for the operator is very tightness, but in most of the nuclear power plant design, these two systems are designed separately, which affects the system...
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Advanced management of pipe wall thinning based on prediction-monitor fusion
Authors: Fumio Kojima 氏
Kobe University, Kobe, JAPAN
Summary: Advanced management of pipe wall thinning based on prediction-monitor fusion This article is concerned with pipe wall thinning management system by means of hybrid use of simulation and monitoring. First, the computer-aided simulation for predicting wear rate of piping system is developed based...
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Non-destructive evaluation of material state by acoustic, electromagnetic and thermal techniques
Authors: Eiji MATSUMOTO 氏
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Summary: This paper considers non-destructive evaluation techniques for integrity of structural materials of nuclear power plants. To increase safety and reliability of long term operating plants, the exact remaining life of each component should be predicted by estimating material states such as degree...
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Crack growth monitoring by strain measurements
Authors: Masayuki KAMAYA 氏
Institute of Nuclear Safety System,Fukui, Japan
Summary: Cracks detected by in-service inspections are not always removed when they are judged to be not hazardous. In order to secure the integrity of the cracked components, it is important to monitor the crack growth. The author and a co-worker proposed a crack growth monitoring method, in which the...
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Non-contact Acoustic Emission Measurement for Condition Monitoring of Bearings in Rotating Machines using Laser Interferometry
Authors: Yasufumi1 OHTA 氏
Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tsuruga, Fukui, Japan
Summary: For advanced maintenance and safety in nuclear power plants, it is necessary to combine various technologies that are used to monitor the status of different equipments. Non-contact measurement methods offer technical advantages over contact measurement methods, such as the ability to perform...
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On-line monitoring for passive structures in nuclear power plants
Authors: Leonard J. Bond 氏
Iowa State University, U.S.A
Summary: This seminar will provide an overview of online condition monitoring for the nuclear power industry for passive components. It will include the lessons learned from trials that demonstrated acoustic emission and discuss the opportunities for on-line monitoring technologies including guided waves...
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Reference: MEYER Ryan Michae, BOND Leonard John, and RAMUHALLI Pradeep: Online condition
monitoring to enable extended operation of nuclear power plants, Nuclear Safety and Simulation,
Vol. 3, Number 1, March 2012,pp.31~50.

Risk Monitoring for Nuclear Power Plant Applications using PRA
Authors: Takahiro KURAMOTO 氏
Design Service Division, Nuclear Engineering, Osaka, Japan
Summary: Systematic and comprehensive Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) uses to evaluate risks for the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), and the risk information is also used to enhance the rationality and accountability of safety related activities, and to realize efficient management in NPPs. The regulatory...
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Condition monitor system for electric equipments by diagnosing higher modes of electric current in real operation state
Authors: Junya Nitta 氏
Headquarters of technical development, Arcadia Systems, Co. ltd.
Summary: One of the requirements for the maintenance work of electric equipment is to grasp equipment condition easily in its operating state. That is, more economical, efficient and safer way to conduct on maintenance work is requested by field workers to monitor the condition of individual equipment to...
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