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ISSN 2187-3747
Vol.(1), No.(3), Year(2012)
   This report is either the proceedings of the academic meeting which the Symbio Community Forum had conducted, or the academic report writtenby or introduced by member(s) of Symbio Community Forum, for the which the president of Symbio Community Forum admitted to publish as it contains socially useful information from the purpose of the Forum's activity.
Title: 2012 年度第 2 回シンビオ研究談話会
Time: 平成24年11月16日(金)13:30~16:45
Place: 京大百周年記念館2階 会議室Ⅰ
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The design of sustainable energy systems
Authors: Ben McLellan 氏
Kyoto University
Summary: This presentation will give an introduction to key concerns in the design, assessment and operation of sustainable energy systems. The main area of discussion will cover the key concepts of sustainability and their implications on the constraints of energy systems. Some key indicators will be...
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Reference: McLellan, B., Q. Zhang, et al. (2012). "Resilience, Sustainability and Risk Management: A Focus on Energy." Challenges 3(2): 153-182.
McLellan, B. C. and G. D. Corder (2012). "Risk reduction through early assessment and integration of sustainability in design in the minerals industry." Journal of Cleaner Production(0)

Power Generation Planning Toward Future Smart Electricity Systems
Authors: Zhang Qi 氏
Kyoto University
Summary: With the growing concern regarding climate change, more nuclear, renewable and clean thermal power technologies are expected to supply safe, reliable and clean electricity in the future.An integrated model has been developed to conduct the analysis using optimization and simulation methods,...
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Reference: Qi ZHANG, et. al, A Methodology of Integrating Renewable and Nuclear Energy into Future
Smart Electricity System, International Journal of Energy Research, DOI: 10.1002/er.2948,
Qi ZHANG, et. al, Economic and Environmental Analysis of Power Generation Expansion in
Japan Considering Fukushima Nuclear Accident using a Multi-Objective Optimization Model,
Energy, Vol.44, pp.986-995, 2012.

The Bank レアアース生産と原子力の導入を支援する ”トリウム銀行”
Authors: 亀井 敬史 氏
Summary: トリウム溶融塩炉は安全性の高さから関心を集めているが、従来から提案されている設計事例は炉心の成立性に議論が特化され、実際の製造・運用を想定した工学的な課題については十分に対応されていない。講演者は出力を1MWと小規模とすることで、工学的課題の主要因である一次系配管を廃した簡素な構造を提案している。しかし燃料として用いるトリウムは親物質に過ぎず、別途、核分裂性物質が必要となる。ウラン燃料サイクルから得られるプルトニウムを全量用いる場合でも、トリウム溶融塩炉の実装量は2050年に392GWに過ぎない。輸送部門の7割は自動車であり、そのため電気自動車が期待されている。そのボトルネックはレアアー...
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A new proposal on ultimate safety disposal of high level radiological wastes
Authors: YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 氏
Kyoto University
Summary: The ultimate disposal of high-level radioactive waste (HLW) is a common problem among all nuclear developing countries. However, this becomes especially a hard issue of Japan after Fukushima Daiichi accident. In this paper, the author will discuss on the difficulty of underground HLW disposal in...
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